Following on from yesterday’s Insta Stories where I showed you around my beige af home and discussed my renovation plans, a few people have asked about the kitchen handle situation. Specifically, how I intend to replace the current chrome handles with gorgeous new brass @busterandpunch babies, without leaving a mess on the cupboard door where the old holes were (the new handles are a slightly different size). The answer is here in these pics: the Pull Bar/Plate handle – the key being the ‘plate’ part (B+P do a non-plate version too) which lies flat on the cupboard door and hides all previous holes and any scuffs or scratches created when removing the previous handles. Hooray! 💛💛💛 P.S. check out my latest Story where you can actually VOTE (exciting new Insta function) for my new sitting room wallpaper! ✅ Photos: @busterandpunch #homedecorhacks