How soft you like your boiled eggs? I was too annoyed with the cook boiling our everyday eggs too hard and I decided to do it myself. Of course I am taking back the reigns of my kitchen back to a large extent as I just can’t survive without cooking. And since we eat simple stuff at home it just can’t be made badly, we need to cook accurately, season right and eat it fresh when we eat simple unpretentious food.
The soft boiled, yolks the texture of a luscious jam, is how we love it. Runny yolk only with some combinations. To boil it this soft, all I do is keep the eggs for boiling on gas stove and wait till the water boils, then watch as the water starts boiling vigorously just for 30 seconds or so. Switch off the gas and let the eggs be in the hot water till it is time to peel them. Whack the boiled eggs softly with the back of a knife, dip them once in the water and peel. Slice the jiggle white and jammy yolk. Enjoy.
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