//How To Tuesday// •How To Meal Prep Easily• If meal prepping constantly takes hours on end to make a week’s worth of food, try these hacks to help speed up the process!
• Season meat different ways in 1 sheet pan. To switch up flavors throughout the week, simply make dividers out of foil in your pan while baking.
• Chop, spiralize, and peel raw veggies now! This way when you decide on making zoodles after a long day at work, you can just pop open that container that you saved for the week!
• Avoid overeating by pre-portioning snacks. You can use plastic bags, mini containers, etc.
• Use your mason jars for salads! Pack a salad to go and either leave your dressing on the side, or at the bottom of the jar. Be sure to separate your leafy greens and the dressing with thicker toppings, like carrots.
• Pre-cook your grains for the week! Again, just like preparing your zoodles, it’ll be much easier when you’re in a time crunch or are too tired to wait 30 minutes for your bowl of quinoa.
• Pre-portion smoothie ingredients to save time on breakfast/snacking. You can also freeze these portions to skip adding ice in your smoothies, and it will also prolong their shelf life.
• Make sure you are stocked with appropriate containers and packaging (foil, plastic wrap, bags, etc.) before meal prepping!
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