//How To Tuesday// •How To Use a Slow Cooker•
Colder weather is finally here, meaning it’s time to pull out the slow cookers and put away the grills. Here are some helpful tricks to getting the most out of your Crockpots:
• To start, deep clean your cooker from tough stains with white vinegar and baking soda to make sure you start fresh.
• Use slow cooker liners if you want to save time on clean up
• Make sure to add dairy, pasta, and small veggies toward the end of cooking time because they can curdle, be overcooked, or disintegrate/end up mushy if exposed to high heat for too long.
• Sear or brown your meat on the stovetop before you add it in. This will lock in flavor and moisture that can be lost during the process.
• Leave recipes that don’t need additional attention (stirring, adding, etc.) for overnight!
• Tip: Fattier cuts of meat are ideally cooked at low temps for long periods of time to allow for a tender texture.
• Tip: Don’t limit yourself to just stews! Use your slow cooker for desserts, drinks, snacks, soups, and more!
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