One of my favorite clean kitchen hacks, is using doTERRA OnGuard cleaner concentrate spray for cleaning up wooden cutting boards, countertops, my sink, etc after preparing things like raw chicken. Its safe, effective and non-toxic so I don’t have to worry about introducing any hormone disrupting chemicals to my family. 🙌

A recently published study by Vanderbilt University showed that 1 application of OnGuard essential oil and water kept a countertop surface clean and free of all kinds of germs even after being repeatedly inoculated with bacteria and virus cultures for 7 days. So not only does it kill all those bad guys on contact, but keeps working to kill anything new introduced for at least a week after you use it! Take that salmonella! Say bye to cold and flu viruses! 👋 Gotta love those cheap & easy cleaning hacks that get you outta the kitchen fast.