Paleo AIP Fridge Tour! I love farmers market day! We are all stocked and prepped with veggies for the week. I can’t believe we’re still getting this much variety in October. #grateful
Upper Left: salad makings for easy lunches – about 10 different kinds of mixed greens, radicchio, mini watermelon cucumbers, strawberries, radishes, and two kinds of squash. All we do is add protein and dressing and lunch is served!
Upper Right: Bowls of batch cooked breakfast soup ready to reheat for an easy breakfast. Recipe #ontheblog. And a few other miscellaneous items that didn’t fit anywhere else. 😉
Second Shelf: pastured eggs (#aipreintro), hardboiled eggs for an easy snack, chopped bacon ready to add to cooked greens, homemade #kombucha, and 2 bowls of leftover stew for dinner tonight. (#leftoverlove)
3rd Shelf: Fresh vegetables pre-chopped for easy cooking on weeknights. This week, we have two kinds of kale, rainbow chard, purple cauliflower, golden and candy stripe beets, zucchini and summer squash, asparagus, and green beans (#aipreintro). The containers I use are Tupperware Fridgsmart. They keep produce fresh an incredibly long time. One of my favorite #kitchenhacks.
Bottom Drawers: The empty left drawer will be used to defrost meat and seafood during the week. The drawer on the right is always filled with carrots and celery. #brothmakings.
Not Pictured: Husband, who is an ace shopper and chopper. I’m very lucky! 💜
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