There is nothing like coming home to dinner in the crock pot!! I remember when I use to work outside of the home and I dreaded dinner time!

Less mess, less stress, and less work!

Especially when I had no clue what we were having and had to still shop for it! I finally started meal planning. I asked everyone for a dinner idea and wrote it down for each day of the week and would coordinate it with what we had going in the evening time. Like if it was a dance night then it needed to be a quick meal.
It takes a little time but trust me when I say Meal Planning will make your life so much easier! Need help just ask me I can give you some pointers that I utilized and still do!

Working from home I still utilize meal planning. Evenings are still hectic so some organization is a must!

What’s everyone else having for dinner!

Pork roast for the Worthen’s 🙂 Robert L Worthen II