This morning I chose cuddles with the hubby rather than pressing play. When I got up I was a little upset at my decision not because I didn’t want to cuddle with my husband but because for a whole week I was getting up and pressing play right away. And my day just kept going and going and I was so worried that for an instant I thought maybe I wasn’t going to get my workout in. But then I remembered it is 2% of my day and I can make time for this because it’s super important to me.

So I did some business work in red during nap time so then when miss a lily woke up we headed to the den and we pressed play together. It is the best feeling in the world to work out hard with your daughter because I know I’m setting such a good example for her. Now we are going to have some gluten-free raisin toast with peanut butter and banana on it as well as our superfood shake for a snack.
What is your go to post workout meal?