#insightsfromtheinside — what my clients are discovering inside the coaching ring.

When I asked a client recently what the opportunity of shingles was for her this was her powerful insight.
———————————————————————- “Shingles… what was the opportunity? Great Q. I learn every time, when I get sick it is a clear indicator of blocked joy, too much crisis, not enough reserve.

Louise Hay in Heal Your Body describes Shingles as “Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Fear and tension. Too sensitive.” It was clear that I crossed the limit of stress. On top of my constant elevated daily stress with my parents (which I am constantly trying to lower, manage, lighten up), when crises happen or relationship stresses emerge, all of it is too much and I get sick.

Last time I was sick was when I got the flu in January, when my mother had her stroke and dad was about to get colon surgery. Yup, pretty stressful time.

How to prevent such high stress? Keep doing the preventative work, keep looking for joy.

On another note, related to my high cholesterol, Louise Hay describes cholesterol as “Clogging the channels of joy. Fear of accepting joy.” Insightful, true for me.”
————————————————————————My clients have a lot to teach me and I get permission from them to share with you.

How does your body respond to intense or chronic stress?